OpenBB hosts a variety of events throughout the year. Check out our upcoming and past events below.

    Past Events

    December 2023

    The new FinAI Tech Stack - ft CEOs of OpenBB, Langchain, Llamaindex, Nixtla and MindsDB

    ​Through hands-on interactive demonstrations from the CEOs of each company, this event will delve into the modern stack for AI in finance, commencing with the pivotal data layer, spotlighting state of the art financial platform OpenBB, and featuring demonstration from cutting edge tools, LlamaIndex, Langchain and Nixtla, integrated effortlessly with the real-time financial data stack using MindsDB.

    September 2023

    OpenBB Developer Preview Event

    In this webinar, we discuss the OpenBB SDK v4, now rebranded as the OpenBB Platform.


    June 2023

    The Influence of the Central Bank

    In this webinar, we will cover the process of researching and the role of Central Banks. We will focus on how to analyze and investigate data and actions from key institutions, and help users find the correct data in the OpenBB Terminal.


    May 2023

    Economic Analysis: The Greek Debt Crisis

    In this event, we discussed how to perform economic analysis through the example of the Greek government debt crisis. Users will learn the Economy menu, and how to dive into a country's data for historical and current analysis.


    May 2023

    Performing Financial Due Diligence

    This webinar covered the process of performing financial due diligence using the OpenBB Terminal. This is a great place to get started with the core functionality of the OpenBB Terminal, and will set users up with key skills and knowledge.

    May 2023

    Getting Started with the OpenBB Terminal

    In our first learning webinar - Getting Started with the OpenBB Terminal - we will be giving an overview of the product basics that will get you up-and-running so you can start diving into data.

    April 2023

    OpenBB Terminal 3.0 Launch Event

    We are excited to introduce OpenBB Terminal 3.0, the next generation financial data and analytics platform designed to revolutionize the way you access and analyze financial and economic data.

    November 2022

    OpenBB Terminal 2.0

    OpenBB Terminal 2.0 is more than an application. It's a platform. And it offers accessibility, creativity, automation and innovation.

    October 2022

    OpenBB Bot Arrives on Telegram

    The OpenBB Bot becomes available on Telegram.

    August 2022

    OpenBB Bot Launch

    The day where retail investors lost millions due to blue candles on our new launched Discord Bot.

    March 2022

    OpenBB Company Announcement

    Following the success of our open source project, Gamestonk Terminal, we are excited to announce the launch of our new company, OpenBB.