Discover the variety of datasets available in the OpenBB Terminal.


    The OpenBB Terminal provides flexibility and choices of stock market data. Explore the variety of data providers to find the market coverage you need.

    Work with historical price data ranging in granularity from one month to one minute.
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    /stocks/load msft --start 1986-01-01 --monthly/candle --log


    Currency pairs and forward rates.

    Get realtime exchange rates for most currency pairs.
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    /forex/load cadusd/quote --source AlphaVantage


    Digital Assets and Stablecoins.

    Get realtime streaming prices from Pyth.
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    /crypto/price DOGE-USD


    Daily historical values for most major global indices.

    Track and compare global benchmarks.
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    /economy/index --indices it_mib40,fr_cac40,de_dax40 --start 2020-03-16 -r

    Mutual Funds

    The Mutual Funds menu provides information on funds from around the world.


    The Futures menu provides current and historical price data for major US commodity and financial futures.

    Draw the term structure for the asset.
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    /futures/curve CL


    Access data from the Federal Reserve Economic Database, ECB, OECD, and more.

    Plot the effective Federal Funds Rate as quantiles.
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    /fixedincome/fed --quantiles --start 2016-01-01

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