The OpenBB Terminal Pro

    Discover the superior investment research capabilities of the OpenBB Terminal Pro. Built on top of the open-source OpenBB Terminal, our platform provides a sleek graphical interface that is intuitive and fully customizable, making it easier for you to access and analyze financial information with ease.


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    Plus, with built-in access to high-quality financial data curated from official partnerships with data providers, you can conduct comprehensive analysis and gain valuable insights that inform your investment decisions.

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    Improved User Experience

    We've focused on improving the user experience (UX) of the OpenBB Terminal Pro based on feedback from dozens of users. The platform features a better user interface that is visually appealing, while keeping the keyboard-centric workflow of the OpenBB Terminal for quick and efficient information access.

    Customizable and Collaborative

    Unlike traditional investment research dashboards, the OpenBB Terminal Pro is a fully integrated and customizable environment that allows you to optimize your workflow to your preferences. Plus, take advantage of advanced collaboration features to share insights, exchange ideas, and make informed decisions with your team in real time.

    Built-in access to high-quality financial data

    The OpenBB Terminal Pro is powered by an extensive data marketplace that allows you to make use of any dataset that exists. With an abundance of data at your fingertips, you can conduct a comprehensive analysis and gain valuable insights that inform your investment decisions. You can subscribe to only the datasets you need and access the raw data for deeper analysis, whether you're looking for financial, economic, or market data.

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