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    Free /Forever

    and open source!

    Everything you need to do basic investment research. This grants you access to the OpenBB Terminal and OpenBB Platform which includes:

    • Benefit from the open source community
    • Free and accessible from anywhere
    • Micro- and macroeconomics
    • Access to hundreds of financial and economic databases
    • Advanced AI/ML Analytics
    • Automate investment research workflow
    • Furthermore, use the OpenBB Bot to bring financial data to your Discord / Telegram server, like more than 17,000 servers do.

    Professional / Enterprise

    OpenBB Terminal Pro

    Enhance your investment research workflow with state-of-the-art functionality allowing for an advanced investment research solution.

    This includes:

    • Access to the same benefits as the Everyone plan
    • Improved efficiency though a fully interactive interface
    • Access to the highest data quality from top-tier data providers.
    • Dedicated customer support and feature requests
    • Much more
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